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When you look your affiliate marketing website, you should see 1000 places in which you could improve your bottom line. The marketing tools within this blog post will help you accomplish this, quickly and efficiently. Let’s take a look at the most effective affiliate marketing tools for 2016.

CoSchedule Headline Analyzer


Want that Buzzfeed-style headline that Will Change Your Life, but can’t find the inspiration? Don’t worry – CoSchedule is here to assist. Simply run the heading you had through the headline tool, and it will give it a rating, describing why people might not be flocking to it. You’ll also get helpful tips on the best ways to can make it better.


A great way to not only check out the efficiency on social media of your very own content, but also to analyze that of your rivals, Buzzsumo shows, for any domain, which page has got most shares over a 12-month period, with the social networks on which it was shared. That should give you an idea how you can get the best affiliate marketing site out there.

Google Keyword Tool

Old-school, but still fully detailed. Obviously visiting Google for advice about SEO is a bit like the poacher visiting the gamekeeper for advice on where the lions are sleeping – but Google Keyword Tool always gives a reliable feed of words and phrases that will get you even more up the search pages, whatever your topic.


A little simpler than Google’s version, this freemium keyword tool will give you reams of basic results that work for getting you going on an SEO campaign, though you’ll need to upgrade to the pro version for the full list of words.

Google Analytics

However Google Analytics is not the only website analytics tool, it’s the best-known and most-used, allowing you to see your website’s performance by page, territory, referrals, shares and each possible metric. We’ll be doing a separate tutorial on how best to use Google Analytics – it’s so useful, and yet so many people don’t bother to dive in properly on the numbers within.


One of many social media tools for businesses, Hootsuite enables you to add a series of your own, or your business’s, social accounts. These can be from Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn and so on. When they have been added, you can share articles on all, or some, of the networks, and then track responds within Hootsuite. It’s an endlessly-customizable affiliate marketing tool and lets you schedule posts either for a certain time, or for a time when it analyzes people will most read content.


A bit like Hootsuite however primarily for Twitter, Tweetdeck used to be a third-party application that used the Twitter API, then was bought out from Californian giant. Though it lost its useful Facebook plugins when it was bought out, you can yet find the option to post to, and read from, multiple Twitter accounts. Tweetdeck also offers a much more detailed search function than the main website, so it is perfect for finding trending topics.

The Google tool you most likely didn’t know about, Google URL Shortener, to give its full title, is a remarkable tool that will take any elongated web address and will make it look far better and more compact in a social media post. As everything starts off with, it also looks quite professional.

A large archive of impressive stock photographs on many topics, StockSnap will give your website the edge, even though you don’t have the budget for your own images. The image results return crisp, interesting photos that will give a presentational shine to what you’re doing. You can also search all photos by most used, and most clicked – making it one of the best useful online marketing tools if you want more visits.


Similar to StockSnap but with a bit more of a random side, Unsplash provides a feed of new stock photos that is constantly up-dating, and could be ordered by keyword or just searched through top-to-bottom. All the photos are free to use any way you want, and will make your affiliate marketing website look fab.


” Mail … Kimp?” That famous commercial on the hit podcast Serial has done more for MailChimp’s exposure than any amount of advertising where the name of the product is said properly, and it still makes people smile, although it debuted over a year ago. MailChimp is an easy way of organizing and sending out email newsletters. You can add your text, a list of who to send it to, and after that after a few days you’ll see how many people have opened, deleted and unsubscribed from your newsletters.


This very well-designed website will give traffic and search data for any website you like to point out, and for any online search engine. SEMRush is absolute gold-dust, because it tells you how well anyone – you included, is performing in regards to being found online, and then how far you’ve got to go in order to be as good as your affiliate rivals.


Boomerang for Gmail is a simple way of scheduling your Gmail emails. If you use email as your main communication tool with your customers, but you want them to see the messages at a time when you know they’ll are front of a computer, Boomerang it. You’ll find that the scheduled email is delivered safely and on time.


An email automation application that allows you to create, schedule and send professional emails in minutes, AWeber takes a great number of the hard labor away from keeping in touch with your customers. It’s also available as a mobile app, making running your business as simple as abc.


Formerly known as LiveAgent, LADesk is probably the best-known way of keeping in touch with your users, allowing you to place a non-intrusive popup chat box on your website, so that users can always ask questions. If you have a knowledge domain (and if you don’t, start building one), you can send the best help topic to your loyal users, and ensure they keep coming back.


We end with a well-known social network that gets overlooked because people think it’s uninteresting or doesn’t have a point, but is in fact among the best affiliate marketing tools. The reality is, LinkedIn is what makes you appear like a professional, whether you’re affiliate marketing or blogging or anything. You also make connections that could send your affiliate marketing website to the next level – so brush up your profile, because people are searching it now.


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