Make Money Online

While almost everybody in the world is going to work each day, trading their time for money there’s a special group of “mindful” people who are waking up to a world of financial possibility that many people have no idea is possible.

There’s an easy blueprint for making money with an online business.

1: Choose a great business idea, then start to build a website that attracts visitors.

Here’s a quick tip to follow up with a great business idea: Combine some of your ideas/hobbies/skills to find something that you care about and determine how that can be used to solve another person’s problem. Here’s what to work on: Create a simple cheap website using WordPress or Squarespace that advertises what you do, and/or the product you’re offering. You don’t need any web or tech skills to get this happen. Both resources have ready-to-install templates. You just have to know how to use the internet! Here is a hosting company I recommend: Blue Hosting  they are cheap and have a great 24/7 live chatbox to solve all of your problems

3-step-quick-start-guide-turning-profit-with-ecommerce-ecommerceUse regular tools (like Facebook, Instagram, a blog, etc) to start driving people to your website. Nothing secret or tricky here. Just get in touch with your friends, family, and accessible networks and try to start fixing their problems. Identify their pain points and then devote yourself to actively fixing them. This will help you tweak your idea.
Direct them to your site to grab their free piece of value content that you’ve organized them. Which is the subject of Step 2 …

2: Offer visitors something free in exchange for their email address.

Create free, helpful content and ask visitors for an email address in exchange.

For example, you could offer a free 15-minute consult, a tutorial video, a downloadable checklist, an infographic, a guide or other types of free content according to your business and industry. The list is basically endless.

Add these kinds of people to an email list and keep developing that list eventually. Slow but steady makes value. You can develop HUGE results with a very small email list. I know this because I was able to quit my job with a list of about 500 members.

I know what you’re thinking, so permit me to point it out again– you don’t have to be a “geek” or know any programming!! The website might be up and running in a day for lower than $50. And you can use an email solution like MailChimp to manage users, send emails, and track results totally free.

3. Turn those subscribers into customers by asking them to buy from you via email.

Now it’s time to create money.

You can sell whatever you want– a physical or digital product, a course, a service, or even coaching. It’s all based upon what interests you, and what you think you can help your clients with the best.

After delivering lots of free awesome content for a while (emailing your blog posts, YouTube videos, or whatever else you produce), now you have the “right” to sell. Really, this means you have a core audience– no matter how small– who anticipates hearing from you, who checks out or consumes your work, and who relates to your information.

This is substantial.

These people, your Tribe, actually INTEND TO purchase from you. They’re eager for you to produce a real product given that they trust you.

This pleases our human instinct for reciprocity, but really it’s because they think that what you offer is important, and actually places a value to that product.

Here’s an example how a basic idea can be turned into a $1,000/ month online business:

Let’s suppose you’re an instructor who’s really good at preparing students for the SAT/ACT college entrance exams.

That’s a very in-demand skill set with a high hourly rate. But after a while, you might get burned out driving from house to house or teaching big classes.There are only so many hours in the day.

There’s an easier way.

Instead of having to go door-to-door teaching SAT, you could make a site that gave great SAT tips and strategies for free. Create a PDF guide of your top five proven techniques for increasing test scores and, in exchange for their email addresses, give it away to viewers who visit your website.

Constantly build that list of email addresses gradually. Your list is your money maker. Treat it with utmost care and respect. Always remember these are real people.

Behind the scenes, you build a simple six-week video course teaching lessons like you found yourself in front of a class.

( I don’t want to hear you say you don’t have the proper equipment!! All you need is an iPhone. Don’t believe me? Casey Neistat is a well-known film director, producer and YouTube star with nearly two million subscribers. He films everything he produces on an iPhone. Yup.).


Once each month or two, send an email to your devoted email list selling the course.

Whenever you send, there’s a great chance people will purchase. As the list grows, a growing number of people will buy.

( Remember, you’re still peppering them with juicy content in between each sales push. That’s how they grow to love and respect you.).

If you priced the video series at just $97 (which is quite fair considering how much private tutoring costs) and sold just 10 of those a video courses each month, you ‘d make a quick $1,000 on autopilot … every single month.

You can change your life with a VERY SMALL email list.

  • You actually have enough money for you to take a vacation.
  • That’s enough money to pay off student loans.
  • That’s sufficient money to pay for your debt and finally start saving.

And that’s what I mean. It doesn’t take a lot.

From here, the sky’s the limit.  You can easily tweak the “dials” of your internet business and 2x, 5x, 10x that money easily with a few changes.

Keep growing your list and try to imagine what’s possible …