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If you’re aggravated by the drop-shipping process or want to change things up, there are a plethora of alternatives at your disposal. You may know of some of them already, but a few of them are newcomers to the wholesale industry market. Which one is right for you?


Bonanzle is one of the newest companies to enter the drop-shipping market. The goal of this company is to be one of the simplest companies can use. It recently attained $1 million venture capital funding and is doing its best to “best” the well-known drop-shipping businesses. Users can import eBay drop-shipping listings on their site, which tend to be much lower than you see on eBay.

For example, items $50 or less have a $1 final value fee. eBay’s final value is a standard flat 12 percent. Bonanzle also does not charge listing fees.

Fulfillment By Amazon

You know that Amazon is the leader in online retailers, but it offers another service known as Fulfillment by Amazon. The FBA program lets wholesalers send the company their products to take care of for them. Amazon will be responsible for the storage, packaging and shipping of these products. And, it also offers customer service when called upon.

The FBA program lets sellers have orders filled through various channels while the products are kept in an Amazon-owned warehouse.

National Fulfillment Services

This program is geared toward business-to-business services and consumer-facing entities. It’s been in business for over 45 years and works in multiple industries. The warehouse can ship out products using any mail carrier. The NFS will also take time to gift wrap products and place special messages or promotional materials inside the outgoing package.


SaleHoo isn’t directly involved in the drop-shipping business, but it can help you find a service that’s right for your company. It’s a drop-shipping directory that also provides supplier data, product reviews and other important information a buyer may be interested in. It includes information on over 8,000 reputable drop-shippers, liquidators, manufacturers and wholesalers.

All suppliers have been confirmed, and a review system is in place to eliminate the not-so-reputable dealers.

This service offers order fulfillment, warehousing and logistics for an array of products such as electronics, books, makeup, DVDs, etc. It specializes in these services along with customer distribution to any buyer around the world. It also provides product photography and storage along with customer service.


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