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Facebook offers many ways to advertise, for example Page Post Engagement (PPE), Website Conversions (WC) or Clicks to Website (C2W). What method is best to use on your campaign?

Because of the huge amount of objectives Facebook has, a lot of people are often unsure which one to use and how to use them.

I just run WC campaigns myself for a client’s online store; I intended to get some data and present you the answers to the questions you might have, like which objective to use?

Check the screenshot, the red circles are the PPE campaign; the blue circle is the Clicks to Website campaign.


As you can notice, the Optimize for Post Engagement did in fact get the best engagement, most likes, most shares, most comments. Facebook is smart; when you use this method they are pursuing those people on Facebook who love to comment, share, and like stuff and the data reflects this as you can see.

One interesting thing to keep in mind, the CTR (click trough rate). If you do PPE you will certainly always get the highest possible CTR. That implies, when somebody sees this one in their newsfeed, they are wanting to most likely click it whenever you do a PPE campaign.

Next, Clicks to Website. As you can see looking at the CTR column I circled in blue; clicks to website has the highest possible link CTR. Keep in mind all 3 of these coincide exactly. The reason behind this is that Facebook knows people who love to click on ads; and they target them when you run a Clicks to Website objective. So if you are operating any kind of content marketing, or lead generation, or you are developing custom audiences to retarget later, it’s a good idea to choose Clicks to Website in order to get the maximum visitors to your site.

Website Conversions; these conversions did the worst if we look at Link CTR, only 0.45% people clicked the link to the website, and only 3.53% on the ad to view it. Also engagement was very low; I didn’t run it long enough to obtain any conversions on this ad; considering that the point of me spending around $50 was to reveal you and my clients which campaign behaves how. So here are the numbers. I hope you liked this post and any comment is welcome.

Photo: official licensed from IB Photography / Shutterstock.com


    • Hello Ivan, I hope you read the article, the explanation is in the first line: Page Post Engagement (PPE), Website Conversions (WC) or Clicks to Website (C2W). Good luck with your business

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