What is dropshipping exactly and how will this effect your Online Store?

Dropshipping is selling other people’s physical products as an intermediary with your own business via the Internet. So you have a website or online store where you sell products which someone else has in stock.

You are looking for a supplier of a certain product. This supplier can meet up to you his / her products to sell through your website or shop in exchange for a percentage of the profits. When you have a customer will simply send the order to your supplier. The supplier then delivers the product to the customer and sends you the bill for his share of the proceeds.

This way you will have have your own business but you do not have a product in stock. Also for example, the customer send to the supplier.

The ideal one-man business

The advantage to this way of making money is that it is the ideal way to set up a business on your own and run without costing you too much time. You put a good website or store online, you start your marketing and for the rest. You really don’t do more than transmit orders (unless you automate it) and keep an eye on things.

When you have a bit of a good product with a nice profit selling you can gain a wonderful income per month. With this money you don’t have to work only less of the time. Just keep your site up and running.

Do you want to earn Passive Income?

You can see dropshipping as passive income, that is, when your marketing campaigns (like Google Adwords) and sales process are automated then actually it goes all by itself.

However, it is always smart to check everything every day and keep testing your marketing and sales processes. The more it runs good, the more money you make.