Online Store Mistakes

If you are an internet entrepreneur like me, you eventually take the step to open your own online store. You quickly will run against a number of barriers which does not make life easier.

Soon you will discover that the settlement of invoices and the technique can be time consuming. You have to trying to straighten things out every day.  You will have a lot of time left if you have only three web orders each day but what if you have at least 40/50 per day?

Against these obstacles and more I quite quickly ran into when I opened my store two years ago.

We did not work with a standard solution such as Shopify or Magento, but for bricks was our web store platform when not suitable yet. This led to frustration and loss in the company. Human errors continue to be made simply and time = money in any company whatsoever.

Obstacle 1: Keeping an eye on the money

First, we have ensured that both the shop orders and invoices were handled in the store in the same system. This allows the invoice numbers to be sequentially and also the bookkeeper did not need different accounts to merge the invoices. This worked will the first month and it saved approximately $ 1,000. Indeed, as I mentioned; Time = money and an accountant, unfortunately, does not work for free. As an added benefit: having everything in one system from one customer made it possible we could track everything. If a customer had a question about an Internet order we had everything close to hand.

Obstacle 2: Eliminate and stock differences

In the beginning our orders and inventory where out of sync which sometimes resulted in quite bad situations.  At 3 pm a customer bought a product and at 3.05 someone else again. It was the last article and the inventory was not set up the right way. So I had to call the customer to offer an alternative while the website still indicated “in stock”.

Not a good thing for the customer, but also not for me either. This often led to making to cancel the order which I also had the possibly to loose a potential repeat customer. This has cost me definitely turnover and every day I had to manually update the inventory of what was sold in the store. So make sure you have this process in your fingers

Obstacle 3: Web store optimization, packing parcels .. you’ve got time for that?

I mentioned it already, time is money. Whether you yourself make your hands dirty or you outsource this  work; In both cases, it costs money. For this reason it is important that many processes are aligned. Do the things that you are good at and delegate time consuming things to save time.

I will give an example. If you only have a shop and you’re finished packing, you can spend your time adding to products, optimize products with product pictures, etcetera. If you have a shop you’ll soon find out that you really don’t have many time left when selling your own products as I did.  You’re instantly lose your social life, and you don’t want to do this on the long term. Find someone you trust and can compensate to take over the work for you, make a good plan how YOU like to see your products in the shop or do dropshipping without your own inventory.

In short, when you have an online store with products try to learn to let go and invest in staff, you will find out that you can focus on entrepreneurship and the growth of your company instead of being busy trying to send out all articles. Personnel can eliminate – temporally- by close friends or family to help out the first period if you have that option. Good luck selling and start to earn money

About the author: Nancy Lewis has her own Shopify store with her own product line for five year now with a 6 figure revenue per year.